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Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be hard – there’s no better way with access to your data and processes all in one place.

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Influencer Marketing

Get a 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

Access comprehensive tools and data

Fuel your best influencer marketing strategies

With incredible time- and cost-savings, Influencity converts your manual campaign process into an automated machine.

Total control

Ensure success, every time

Collaborate on driving even your most ambitious campaigns to success.

Stats at-the-ready

Analyze any influencer in the world

Find the influencer that matches your campaign's objectives based on their stats - available anytime on your own intuitive database.

Real-time data

Minute-by-minute access to campaign results

Access campaign task result breakdowns within seconds of executing.

Hear it yourself from clients who trust us on their most important campaigns

Alfredo De Paz

"Influencity offers us their strategic expertise vis-à-vis their influencer marketing campaign platform. They pack it up nicely in a way that is easy to use, but is still as airtight-secure and reliable as one would expect."

Head of Social Media
Sonia López

"Influencity has become our primary go-to software for running influencer campaigns. It helps us maximize our efforts in impacting as many consumer segments as possible. Since we started working with Influencity, awareness for our brand Weleda has grown daily."

Senior Product Manager
Laura Goicoechea

"This tool generates relevant profiles to help you identify exactly who you should reach. This makes outreach so much easier when you know who to choose."

Influencer Manager
Still working hard on your influencer marketing strategy?

Discover the most comprehensive solution available with more than 200 million influencers available to make your strategy easier.

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